Choose to be happy on your special day with this "must-have" for every bride...a guide to happiness and planning your wedding...

Author: Minna Sithep
Publisher: True Blue Publishing
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Planning your wedding couldn't be simpler than picking to read a copy of Minna Sithep's Happier Bride. The book offers happiness, itself, less stress and better planning altogether. The book tells of how to get more for your money and how to put your desires for your wedding clearly printed out for achievements and mission "task lists" to keep track of how well your wedding planning is going.
The chapter guides are perfect for the different stages of planning your wedding from picking your flowers and getting your beauty rest, also above all; being true to you. Happier Bride puts key players of the wedding (bridesmaids, best man, etc) into a strategic planning system and the guest list planning was well thought out, giving a more clear way of planning into perspective. One of my favourite quotes was: "Wedding Clutter. Clutter can suck your energy and steal your mental sharpness." But you need not worry about your wedding getting cluttered and unorganised with Happier Bride; because it helps you know that communication and doing it with grace are the best assets you can take with you for planning your wedding. 
My favourite part of Happier Bride was the seasonal wedding information. It was beautifully planned, from what flowers to what cakes and accessories are perfect and suitable for the different wedding seasons. Minna Sithep also told of putting your energy into good things will above all make sure your wedding goes smoothly and organised. The recaps at the ends of the chapters were like mini-task lists, that helped keep track of all the things you have achieved so far, giving a better mood forward. The Pintrest board planning was also a brilliant idea, and would be a perfect asset to planning.
Overall, Happier Bride was perfectly detailed and passionately written; with colour plans, food and drink guides...and many more amazing things all wrapped into one. Just like the quote above on the cover, this truly is a must-have for every bride, because not every other wedding planning book offers happiness as well as a flawless wedding.
Also, a big thank you to Minna who provided me with a copy!

happy reading,

xo Becca

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