Schroder by Amity Gaige

Being on the Review Panel is something I would've never thought of having the privilege of being a part of. Reading books and getting lost in worlds that didn't exist beyond those pages was something I had always loved, and I am beyond thrilled to get to do this on a regular occasion with lovereading. This book: "Schroder", was not my typical kind of genre that I would normally read, but I was surprised at how much I couldn't take my eyes of the pages--and that stepping out of that comfort zone was a breath of fresh air. So, here's my review for Schroder by Amity Gaige. I really hope you can all pick up a copy and love it for yourselves.

When I first began reading Schroder, it was clear that the main character, Erik, had wanted to and had erased his whole back story and created a new life for himself under the name Erik Kennedy. Though his story was intriguing and beautifully written, someone who kidnapped their daughter would seem to be unlikeable. Still, I found myself not disliking him for those things because of sympathy. Schroder was moving and made for a page-turner, and I definitely found myself wondering why I hadn’t read any of Amity Gaige’s novels before. Gaige had written in a male perspective and still carried the identity of Erik to the point that I had forgotten a woman had written those words. There were confessions after confessions and heartbreak through a messy and bitter divorce between Erik and his estranged wife Laura, but underneath was the father of Meadow, which truly showed Erik’s heartfelt side. I thoroughly loved this brilliantly and beautifully written novel, which would make perfect for any book club; there would be great conversation and debate over the dynamics of Schroder.

happy reading,
xo Becca

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