Light, with a hint of hydration and fair pigment, this super-cheap Foundation has just become a favourite. . .

I had been looking for Almay Pore Refining Cream for what seemed like forever, and on my look-out, found this foundation in my nearest Factory Store for under £5.
It's not a "heavy coverage" foundation, but depending on blending and adding, this foundation is good for light to medium coverage--great for the summer as it feels like your own skin, and not cakey; even with powder to set ( I use Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Tender Touch or Ivory )
The Factory Shop are amazing at dealing out low-cost prices for Cosmetics, and I was so excited to also pick up some Rimmel Anti-Fatigue Concealer for £2 as well; which in makeup terms was a bargain (I'll be reviewing it very soon!)
As you can see below--the first picture is a basic one-application of the Almay Foundation, and the second is of a build able swatch with powder. (Notice how it covers lines?!)

Almay Foundation (un-blended)
The foundation with blended powder.
I'm very excited to have found this Almay product, and will definitely be re-visiting to pick up some more!
Read below for my product value score:
Star Rating out of 5: ****
Value for money: ***
Does what it says on the bottle?: ****
Good range of shades available?: **** (I had buff, which is fairly light, but there were tons of colours ranging from fair to dark)
Overall; was it a good buy? (cost, findings): Yes; it was £4, and my nearest Factory Shop wasn't an excessive distance. They have a website too! (link is above)

xo Becca Jayne

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